Activiti Microservices Setup (more details coming soon …)


  • Activiti Spring Boot integration service with REST API
  • Angular front-end repo


  • Run Sprint boot Activiti integration service on port 8081
  • Run Angular UI Node App on port 9000
  • Run separate Tomcat server on 8080. We will run Activiti Designer here. Download Activiti Designer WAR file from here
  • Run apache HTTPD service on 8082. We will be using HTTPD as reverse proxy. To add proxy, add following 2 lines in httpd.conf file.
    ProxyPass /service/ http://localhost:8081/ retry=0 timeout=30
    ProxyPass / http://localhost:9000/ retry=0 timeout=30
  • Here is how to add proxy in Apache
  • Once all these servers are running. Application will be available at http://localhost:8082/#/